Slow Samba Uploads

I ran into a peculiar problem with Samba, Vista, and my Intel NIC the other day when trying to set up a local VMWare web development environment. No matter the configuration in the Samba .conf file (name resolve order, socket options, etc), IP address DNS reservation fandangling, or messing with Windows hosts file; uploading files from my local machine to a local virtual machine’s Samba share was horribly slow (like 6-15 Kbps). Doing uploads from other machines worked fine. Downloading in either case was at acceptable speeds. After doing a lot of poking around I’ve got a solution that worked for me which came from me talking to one of our IT guys and talking about the chimney offload and the TCP stack. You may need to update your NIC drivers before attempting to do this:

  1. Navigate to the Network and Sharing Center locating under Control Panel or Network.
  2. On the local network connection click on View Status.
  3. When the Local Area Connection Status window pops up, click on Properties.
  4. The first box says Connect using: followed by the name of the adapter. Click on Configure… .
  5. That adapter’s Properties dialog will appear. Click on the Advanced tab.
  6. There should be a long scroll list on the left under the Settings: label. Click on Large Send Offload v2 (IPv4).
  7. On the right you will see a control labeled Value: which needs to be changed to Disabled.
  8. Click on OK when you are finished and close all the dialog boxes. Try the copy or sync/upload process again.

I can now upload to my Samba share at the usual network speeds.

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