Tone Down that Wind!

Oh crap was that a crazy storm! In Bremerton the Wednesday night winds were far more severe than the ones everyone saw Thursday night but I got to experience both. Thursday was the ArenaNet Christmas party in Issaquah. Crystal had dropped our son off at grandma’s and we set out to enjoy the night’s festivities until eleven or so. We drove from Bellevue and on the way down we experienced some rigorous gusts especially in the area around Renton. After we arrived in Auburn, though, the winds were very scary. Faster than any wind I had ever experienced before. I was getting tired and wanted to get home to get a good night’s rest. My mom-in-law’s home doesn’t have much in terms of a restful night of sleep like a comfortable bed. So we headed out to Tacoma to cross the Narrow’s Bridge. The gusts were intense and at this point rain was adding its two cents to the evening show. Construction cones were all over the road way. The bridge was closed! D’oh!

I decided to drive around through Olympia and Shelton up Highway 101 and then 3. With hindsight, this was a terrible decision. The winds between Olympia and Shelton were almost to the point I had to pull over. The rain was coming down sideways and I felt the car was in a constant state of hydro planing. It was exciting and humbling. I had made a decision I may be regretting today and for the rest of my life. We survived and got home. The power was on and we slept until late the next morning.

I am playing my X-Box 360 again. I really enjoy the system. I signed up for a free Live account and found that my “gamer score” was 60. My co-worker’s score is in the couple thousands! I need to do some gaming! It was a good way to motivate me to play my system some more. It was refreshing. I finally beat the story mode in Dead or Alive 4 with all the characters. Now I am at 140 points.

Last week was very stressful. I had my application to deploy and hand hold over a period of a week. It worked as designed but there were a couple snags that made things a little more rough than I wanted. I wouldn’t brand myself a perfectionist but often times I like to work through all possibilities and potential scenarios with lots of testing when developing an application. I wasn’t given an opportunity to do that this time and it resulted in a product that was rushed. The result is some users not having a smooth experience. I can’t fault myself either. It was all a product of a tight schedule.


I have been playing the demo for Bloodrayne 2. It has some issues that make it a less than perfect game but it is rather fun to play. Controlling a vampire chick that devours victims and makes suggestive remarks during ridiculously gory kill moves is fun.

I have been making little updates here and there to the website and my MySpace page. I dumbed down some of the MySpace content and did some maintenance to the content. I think social networking has some cool potential but the implementation is very poor. It has a cohesiveness that a personal page doesn’t have. A personal blog negates most of that gripe. I also added a widget for my X-Box Live tag and for Meebo. Cool stuff you can check out on my contact page. I am searching for a new MSN avatar. I know it may appear to be a silly concern but with as much time as I spend online both personally and professionally, I need something interesting.


Oh and Christmas is just around the corner! I am really excited. I was up really late wrapping Crystal’s presents. She has no clue! We also got Henry a couple toys. I think we would have gotten them for him whether it was Christmas or not. He is such a good looking, cute boy! He is tired of his old toys. Oh you little one, I love you so much.

I am beginning to despise people who think they are educated just because they graduated with a degree or better from some university. Schooling is not what makes people intelligent. It just programs easily programmable people with a set of instructions. A university is like a training ground that take impressionable people who are at the most rebellious and immature state of their lives; encouraging opinions as fact. People who are less than 35 without kids are people one should not listen to least because they know a whole lot of nothing. Stupid people who have been through university training are like other stupid people it’s just that when they say something stupid it sounds smart. Sorry, being the technology junky I am and spending quite a bit of time reading the mounds of garbage on the Internet I sometimes feel like people say things that just don’t need to be said.

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