Ten Years!

Today Crystal and I crossed the 10 year marker of having been together. It was in the band room of PHS where I asked “Are you and me… you know… an item.” and she responded “Yes.” Its been a wonderful journey dotted with accomplishments, good times, bad times, and just plain ol’ lovin’. As we reflect on the last 10, we realize that the next 10 are going to be even more wonderful now with Henry in our lives.

Our co-worker went on a vacation and was gone for almost a week. After vacuum sealing a wireless mouse, we put a Zip-Loc bag around it and put it into a vase of cherry Jello. Project “Jello Mouse” Complete.

Jello Mouse

Of course, he has yet to find out about Projects “Packing Peanuts” and “Diet Coke Switch-a-Roo” but I am sure it will happen soon. Oh, and am being told that I will be here at least until the new year. Everyone! Keep up them prayers!

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