Return to Austro-Hungarian Antics

I got to revisit my heritage in a three hour “Good Soldier Schweik” marathon. I had ordered it from Amazon a couple weeks ago paying for it using a rebate card from Cingular. It was a fantastic blast from the past. It reminds me so much of my youth and the people I grew up around especially during the many summers I spent in Czechoslovakia (and later the Czech Republic). It was wonderful to hear the Czech language and the few dialects spoken in the movie. I have often wondered how accurate the costuming is in that movie. Filmed int he early fifties, it seems to do a great job adhering to the World War I period in Eastern Europe. My goal is to get a few more of these classics and newer movies where you can view them without the subtitles.

Lisa Lashes

Along with that movie I got Lisa Lashes‘ latest release titled “Euphoria: Lashed Euphoria”. I am a total fan boy when it comes to Lisa Lashes. This release is a bit more aggressive than her previously disappointing album titled “Lashed”. It was a good mix of house but not the dirty, sexy hard house I have come to expect of her; a need fulfilled by the Euphoria album I just got.

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