Maximum Capacity

I am having a great time making a couple tracks here and there with my new keyboard. It is so nice to plug into a VSTi and simply generate the desired sounds and chords without having to write things out first. The programmable knobs can adjust various settings for the instrument. What is better than listening to music is making music! I have a couple tracks in the works for my project. Not sure what that will be yet but the first one is a uplifting hard house track and the second is industrial sounding. I am starting out between 135 to 140 BPM.

Me and my new keyboard!

Of course, there are some limits I have found with my PC. I have actually capped my processor’s capacity. Since my sequencing software is quite hefty, I actually see it using 100% of the processor within the software which causes clipping within my tracks. The minimum requirements are lower than what I have so I am not certain that is the only reason for this clipping. It could also be my soundcard. My card has the 24/96 full duplex recording capabilities but I am not sure it can handle more than four MIDI instruments playing simultaneously.

It’s time for a new machine anyway. It kind of irks me, though, that as soon as I overcome one obstacle another arrives to fill its place.

The weather has been cold. It has been in the twenties all week and the icy roads, mostly cleared up now, have been hazardous for everyone for the last few days. I am working hard at work but I have yet to hear anything about me keeping my job. Burning Crusade, the World of Warcraft expansion, comes out tomorrow and most of my co-workers will undoubtedly be purchasing it. I am not sure when I’ll pick up mine. There is no hurry. Speaking of games, Nate and I tried playing Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday multi-player last night. The game seems to be resetting my router (and cable modem we found in subsequent testing). The game probably has some issues we need to work out.

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