Independance Day

This year’s fourth of July celebration was fantastic. A couple ruffles, sure, but all in all I am very pleased. Crystal hasn’t been feeling well because she has made friends with a pharyngitis virus which will hopefully be gone within the next few days.

Leaving Bremerton

I hopped onto the three o’clock ferry to Seattle with Henry. We walked around and checked out the sea gulls. He got a real kick out of seeing the water go by. He was all smiles and it was cool to walk around with him watching the little guy explore and see new things.

To the Horizon

We arrived in Seattle and I followed a Map Quest map to my sis’ in law’s apartment. It is right by the REI building. Clear view of the Space Needle and Lake Union. She’s a leasing agent there. Parking was easy (I anticipated much more effort). Anyway, I cooked the hamburgers and Crystal was looking very pretty. Her dad and step mom were there along with their son and his girlfriend. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention Henry’s great grandma.

The Seattle show was so so but the one over Lake Union was amazing. Henry was asleep but momma and I watched it, oohing and awing as one star burst led to another followed by the booming retort only delayed by distance. We missed the ten thirty boat so we decided to drive around. It was difficult; I often had to shake myself out of sleepiness.

Today I woke to go to work but Crystal was not feeling well. She made an appointment to make sure it wasn’t a serious illness and we also had the oil changed in the Honda. We also had an estimate done to see how much the broken mirror would cost to repair: $275.00 just the mirror with labor, $1,200 for the dent and panel fix. Ouch. I think we may shop around or just make a claim on the insurance. We are currently looking into that one.

Oh oh oh! I almost forgot! I bought a new pedal for my keyboard. Well, “new” in the meaning that I haven’t had one. It makes playing samplers much easier. Imagine playing a piano with no sustain! :|

M-Audio Sustain Pedal

It was $24.97 at Good place for us musicians. I also bought a splitter for my headphones so I now have an actual way to monitor my MIDI devices with a 3ms response time compared to the 120-170ms I was getting with ASIO on-board card. Yay! I also have been reading a lot about compression and sidechaining which is key in music production. What does this all mean?! I am gonna start turning out tracks!

Which reminds me, I am looking at some monitoring headphones. My cheap little pair of Sony headphones aren’t cutting it because I need something with a flat sound. I am looking at AKG 271S instead of my previous wish to get actual powered speakers. The cost will be about a third and although I might not be able to tweak bass on them, its definitely worth getting a pair.

Me and the Little Guy

I love my little guy!

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