Hardcore German Food

Ah yes, I must share with you a blast from the past. I’ve been going through some boxes of things that I have been hanging on to. Lot’s of wonderful memories come flooding back. I really enjoy it. A picture I drew of a house or factory floods me with memories from where I was when I drew it. There has been quite a number of things that I have found in boxes. I suppose why hold on to some it. Maybe my design for bicycle mounted rocket launchers will be adopted by our police since they want to be green but carry sufficient lethal force.

Hardcore German Food

We have quite a bit of stuff back at the house still. In the house I have my piano and a china set. In the garage is a pile of donation stuff, a couple computers, the rain barrel, spare tires, sofa chair, a card table, and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. It was quite overwhelming when after we stuffed Crystal’s dad’s truck only to find we have quite a bit more to go through. The good news is that we have found that a lot of the bulk is actually poorly packed boxes (because we left Belfair in a fair hurry) so things are compacting quite nicely.

Here’s a little somethin’ I was groovin’ to today, Savant Garde – Trigger Happy (Acquavivas Original Edit):

I have been tired lately. I stay up late to get some time to myself (or with Crystal) and by then I am just pooped. I don’t even get up all that early but if I am not in bed by midnight I am worthless after that. I am planning to drive out to Bremerton Saturday by myself to load up stuff to take to my parents house. I wanted to store some stuff at Jerry’s place but I feel terribly guilty doing so!

Work has been progressing. I have some portions of our little contest automated finally so it will remove a lot of human error out of the process. My only gripe right now is that the server I was running this stuff on was in the same data center as the web database. The server is being requisitioned for the wiki and so my IT contact wants to move my stuff to their office data center. I have run several scripts and even tried navigating PHPMyAdmin only to find things timing out and taking forever. My script that finds the winners for a contest we run takes a little under 2 minutes to run in the first data center. On the VM in his office it runs in a little over 2 hours. Ridiculous.

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