Apartment Living So Far

It’s been about three or four years since we last live in an apartment. Back then we were eager to move but in hindsight we should have stayed there. Our apartment was nicely laid out, the rent was $749 a month for two bedrooms, and we had a great rapport with the management. We had some issues like “stompy” above us and the adolescents who had their lame discussions quite loudly on the deck outside our bedroom window.

The new apartment, thus far, has none of these social problems thus far. I hope it continues. The biggest source of noise is from outside construction and the News Tribune constantly calling at 8 am asking for our subscription. The construction looks like it will be finished soon. They built a new bridge over the creek and are installing the railings and utility vaults now. As far as the News Tribune annoying the crap out of us, we’ve told them to stop calling on a couple occasions. How persistent these people are!

And now for a break to watch Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – Letter from God:

Work has had some difficulties arise. Some stuff that was worked on a long while ago has come up on our founders’ radar and so suddenly I need to deliver some immediate fixes. My schedule is clear, my ultimatum unwaivering: fix the problems. Make it stable and secure. It’s in moments like this I see Henry and Helen in my mind’s eye. Crystal cheering me on. I may not fail.

I went through a few more boxes in our office this weekend. It was supposed to be one of those “nothing is planned let’s relax” and it quickly morphed into a busy weekend of pumpkin patches and family. It’s all good. I will post pictures soon.

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