A Little Less Load

Last night we drove to Bremerton for house church. Afterwards I met up with a fella I know from church to move the recliner and organ out of the house and garage. It was really tough but it’s really nice to get that stuff out of the house. The big things left? The piano, a sofa chair, and a ferret cage. There is still a bunch of loose ends but it’s going to hopefully quickly all get taken care of.

Oh, I also have a potential fix for my flat tire. You see, no one will fix the darn thing because of wear on the inside walls. Apparently I was running on it under inflated too long. Anyway, after trying several places refused to fix I may have found someone willing to do it. I understand the liability but I have eight months of tread and time I need to save up the thousand bucks it is going to cost to replace them!

Helen is on the verge of sitting up on her own. She’s steadily been leaving the realm of completely dependent which is nice and sad at the same time. Henry has been very active and we’ve been hoping to keep him occupied with more than things around the house. It’s awesome to see his little personality grow and the little things that make him unique come out. He likes to sort, play with army men, race cars, watch Pixar animated movies, play with a ball, watch daddy play games, and join conversation with indiscernible babble. My favorite moments are when he runs to me to give me hugs and when he obeys. Not because I expect my kids to do exactly as I say but that he is learning what is the way of things from rules to whatever. I love my family.

Crystal and I have had some solid growth lately in our relationship. I admittedly have a passive-aggressive nature about me at times. Seeing my faults through my interaction with my father has been powerful. Relationships are full time jobs whether they are with your kids, spouse, or whoever. Neglecting them watches things peter out.


I’ve been working on making some big changes to some large applications on our website. Well, I’ve been doing a lot of work all around. I consolidated thirteen virtual machines to two. One for our development environment and the other for our development database. Using virtual hosts, nifty apache prepending, and wild card DNS everything is easy to work with. Samba has been set up to share one drive with all our sites as sub directories. This set up will be super easy to integrate into whatever version control system we end up going with. Also, I am trying to secure our fantasy sports like guessing game. I’ve changed SSL certificates and am working to use a game to web log in feature instead of a separate user account DB on our site. Finally, there have been some problems with calculating the winners of the event because either a file breaks or the process doesn’t finish. A rewrite is what I want and it looks like that is what I am going to get. I am moving to program on the game client soon so I have a little time to do things right. I feel a little bad because this app was my baby and why should something I did need so much effort. I suppose with how the entire system from web front end all the way to game interface was put together with duct tape and surgical tubing. As soon as I finished with it I was inundated with other tasks and the entire project (if I can call it that) was never really owned by anyone. Now that is has gained popularity and will go on indefinitely (and eventually have similar events built for Guild Wars 2) its going to get a good one over.

I’ve been listening to my DI.FM subscription and the Electro-House channel has been, in my words, filthy sick. I just listened to a mix by DJ Anna Kiss and I almost passed out. I wish I could link to it but I did manage to find a video on Youtube above. I have kind of steered away from Puls Radio and have really been digging the subscription site, Radio FG, Hard FM, and RauteMusik Funky and Club stations. HHUK has been annoying me in that they have been replaying a lot of mixes over and over while having a crappy 128 Kbps quality. It actually sounds like 96. Not sure.

It looks like Jerry has gotten sucked into Navy Field! Haha, I am so glad. It’s something new and it verifies that I am not crazy for liking it. That or we’re both nuts.

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