Unexpected Frenzy

This last weekend was very, very busy. I was hoping to have a weekend to unpack and organize the house from the move but it’ll have to wait until next week. No problem, I suppose. I had a chance to help out my parents and some friends leaving a good sense of satisfaction on my part.

My father insisted I come by and sort the pictures he took while he was in Afrika. I agreed to do it. I get frustrated by his selfishness and the amount of excuses he makes for it justifying it in his mind but I cede. We went through another 1,500 or so pictures finally condensing his 3,000 down to about 1,800 solid pictures. I arrived home Friday night after a twelve hour day at work around three in the morning.

I need a break, check out Easy by the Sugababes. It fills a little electro-pop hole in my heart.

The next morning we drove out to Montesano (ten minutes from Aberdeen) to help Heather and James fix their dog kennel as the dogs had gotten out and ripped the frame off the front door of their house among other things. We got home around ten and my father called to remind me he wants a DVD movie of his trip and some final pictures printed for some contest at Costco. It took some convincing but I had him show up that night. I didn’t want to deal with him Sunday especially with us going up to Bremerton to pick up more stuff.

He shows up and we go through all 1,800 remaining pictures to pick out about 600 he wants to print. I go to bed around four.

Sunday I get up to go to church; leaving the house around nine. After church we stop by the house and pick up two car loads of boxes, pictures, and deal with our neighbor who had decided to give our other neighbor a big FU by parking her truck in front of his house. There are still a few things we’ve left in the garage like my tools, tires, and boxes but it’s slowly and surely getting done. We got home around five unloading by around six or seven. I play an hour of Navy Field hooking up with Jerry and then go to bed around eleven after eating a cardboard pizza (since we’re exhausted and don’t feel like cooking).

I am hoping next weekend is a little slower allowing me to unpack and organize my home some more.

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