Uneighborly Neighbors

Was everyone asleep during the parts when Mr. Rogers sang “Won’t you be my neighbor?” or did everyone hear it and decide to do the opposite? This isn’t going to be a long rant and I can certainly not apply this to everyone. Complaint? Yes.

It seems like the spirit of being neighborly doesn’t exist around me. It could be a fault of mine. Perhaps I am a jerk who people don’t like coming over to see. Some things, however, just blow my mind beyond simply disliking someone. My current neighbors, for example, have been living in their home for over ten years. For the last half of that they have started remodeling. No problem with that but after making snide remarks about how long it has taken to finish my garage roof (about 6 months) they should have shot themselves in a suicidal orgy from the self loathing for not having finished their siding in over two years.

Putting the recycling cans out front has been hit or miss. I found mine out front with their trash (it had their names and addresses clearly printed on the junk mail) in it. It wasn’t recyclable stuff either. It was stuff with food caked on and, well, just trash. They let their dog poop and pee on my lawn, and this guy drives his truck across my lawn to park on his lawn.

I could say something. Every time something like this happens I boil inside but then I think to myself: I can tactfully re-park my car so he can’t do that anymore and just let it go which won’t cause a weirdness between us.

I suppose this is just life and dealing with people. I know that I’m not perfect and that I come with my own set of faults and things that grind other peoples’ gears. I just am perplexed how people don’t seem to give a flying fuck about anyone but themselves these days.

Another example is last night on the ferry there were two, I won’t call them women, more like bitches who decided to play music loudly over their cell phone. People moved away and I sat there steeping in anger trying to relax after a long days work. It seemed completely disrespectful. After hearing about Nate’s similar experience I decided to ignore it but it just solidifies that people care less and less about people around them.

My parents’ neighbors sued my parents a few years back over a strip of land they claimed was their by adverse possession. I know my dad isn’t easy to get along with but just because my dad decides to build a fence doesn’t mean you start suing people because you’ve been mowing the grass along your neighbor’s property! My parents won, incidentally.

It’s little things everywhere. People cutting me off when I drive, banks repossessing homes from people struggling along, hype over presidential candidates who will do the most for me… everything seems rooted in selfishness. There was generation X, then Y, and now ME. Everything is about me. My car, my house, my wife, my sex, my money, my clothes, my lane, my computer, my iPhone, my lawn, my convenience, my bonus, my status, my books, my movie, my music, my ego, my killing babies, my life, my safety, my fear, my opiate. I can go on forever on how everything is about my, mine, and me over taking people just people nice and cordial to one another.

Unfortunately I wish I could pin this trend on youth but they have to had learned it from someone. When I go to the store and the girl behind the counter just tells me what I owe for a cheeseburger without saying please or when the boy hands me my tickets for a movie without even looking at me, I cringe. There has got to be more to this than everyone going full speed to dead.

I feel almost like giving up. Why should I slow down to let someone over on the freeway. Why should I be honest when filling out some form of paperwork or another? Whatever. If I yield another asshole is just going to take my place in line or get whatever positive I had coming to me.

Ok, fine. It was a long rant.

UPDATE: Well, I have been thinking about all this. I think I have just had a spell of bitterness over me. I don’t consider myself antisocial, I think I’ve just had a lower “I’m fed up with things” thresh hold.

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