Uncle, Facebloke, Comfy Couch, & CL

I am now an uncle! Technically an uncle-in-law but it’s all the same. The little boy was born this morning at around 1. He’s healthy and is named Patrick James. Congratulations to his mommy and daddy: Andy and Emili.

Next, watch this video.

Third, the couch we got is very comfortable and works perfectly in our living room. We’re very pleased.

Finally, I saved up enough virtual currency to afford my next boat in Navy Field. The CL K?nigsberg. I still have some fighting left in me in my Z99 but as soon as I get my main guns on my Kberg I’m out. I like how much I am learning about 20th century naval history because of this game.

Oh and I love this song by Mellefresh & Deadmau5 titled Afterhours (Original Mix):

Wow that is just tasty.

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