New Browser (Oh, and We’re Moving Soon)

Google released it’s new browser Chrome today and from my initial use of it, it kicks ass. You might want the more consumer friendly version Chromium which Google’s browser is based on anyway. For me it just added yet another browser to make sure stuff works in but so far from what I’ve seen and read, they stick to standards. I will be using it for a while before I give a better review of it. One quote that bothers me is:

If you’ve tested your website with Safari 3.1 then your site should already work well on Google Chrome.

Wait, you serious? Safari? Barf. I am surprised they chose to use such a little used browser to compare against. Of course, it could be the only browser that comes close to being compliant. I can’t complain! To quote:

Standards compliance is impressive. Safari 3.1 scores a 75 on Acid 3, compared with a 53 on Firefox, a 40 on Opera, and a paltry 12 on IE7 (I only looked at official releases, not betas; Safari on the Mac also scores a 75).

Here’s a recent song I’ve been diggin’. The video features Shirley Manson. The song’s by She Wants Revenge titled These Things:

With PAX over and done with it’s back to working through things and getting some of these side projects done before I start developing the UI and web stuff for GW2. I am sort of bracing myself for the onslaught of deadlines and things to do.

We got an offer on the house. We accepted it and will be sending it in so that things progress.

UPDATE: Google has updated its offensive EULA.

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