Move Successful: Settling In

I am so sore! Moving has been quite a deal of work as you may probably already know. A very special thank you to Jerry and Jeanine for graciously taking a day off work explicitly for the purpose of helping us move. It is very much appreciated and made everything so much easier. Plus, it was awesome to see you guys!

We spent yesterday unpacking most of our stuff and getting set up. The cable guy came by this morning so I am jacked in. :) The almost week long gap was unbearable! What did I do with myself without the Internet! I’ll tell you what: socialize, visit, and do real stuff. It was a good reminder. I am glad I took the break. I hope coming back into it I can stay unplugged at home.

Henry and Helen had a tough time adapting. Helen was grumpy because grandma had fed her formula the day before. Understandable but it made her very “unregular” if you get my meaning.

*pause* Sheesh, cologne is sometimes unbearable especially in vast amounts. *cough* *glare at neighbor*

Henry was throwing fits all day. I think we was tired and confused. We did our best to answer his please and set up some of the key parts of the home so he had something to look at that was familiar. Today’s drive to work was 40 minutes and 33 miles. Fantastic. That is almost an hour less driving from Bremerton and an hour and fifteen minutes less than riding the bus from Bremerton. I haven’t decided on riding the bus yet. It’s an hour and a half bus ride to Bellevue from here. At this point it’s just nice to see my family almost two and a half hours more than before!

It was pretty hard to move out of that house. Lots of good memories were built there. Everything from helping Crystal manage the final stages of pregnancy with Henry, to seeing Henry walk for the first time. I am excited, though, because we will have more room and be closer to everyone we love.

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