Well it is definitely a lot busier here than I am used to. Yesterday we went to the local Winco (which is awesome. Grocery Outlet prices on name brand things) and it was a push and shove fest the entire time. Streets are busier and the Costco on South Hill in Puyallup is a wasp’s nest of eager shoppers. So far the commute has been averaging about 40 minutes either way by car. I have yet to attempt the bus ride to and from.

We stopped by the house today and picked up some more stuff. It was nice to grab the lamps and other things we either forgot or just didn’t have room for. Tomorrow we’ll be picking up a new couch from Fred Meyer. We saw one there we liked. We are really excited especially with the huge sale going on.

I am really enjoying the space I have for the studio. I need a keyboard holder for my computer keyboard so I can move my main synth onto my desk. I’m using my 25 key for now. I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with Frightdoll, an industrial artist out of Florida. It’d been really awesome to hear her thoughts and ideas for music projects. It’s really encouraging to see what others are doing to make music. I’ve been asking a few artists for tips and stuff but they rarely reply.

Oh, I have completed reading a book called 10 years, 20 days by WW2 era, German Grand Admiral Karl D?nitz. It was excellent to read what seems a fairly candid point of view from the submarine arms of the German Navy; something I have ignored. Although it’s our job to sift through propaganda, opinion, and agenda I have found that this book was very well balanced and objective. It’s hard to discuss opposing factions with as much vilification that has been attributed to everything opposing our (the Allied) aims during the period. I was quite pleased with his mention of the Morgenthau Plan and the seemingly hopeless situation at the end of the war.

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