Worth a Gander

Last night was some crazy rain. The drive home was scary actually. I think I hydroplaned three times. It was a back and forth struggle with the semi trucks which seemed to want to maximize their dispersement of water over the roadway: misting it across everyone’s windshields. Traffic is getting unbearable as Christmas approaches. Crystal left work at five and got home at eight.

I am going to have to get a look around and see if I can find some programming contract work to do from home on the side. There are a few positions like this paying well, part time, on Craig’s List. I would rather spend my off time relaxing but if I need to work more to make our family work out; that is the price. The places I am looking at suggest that they are very flexible and are exclusively tele-commuting which would be perfect. We’d probably rearrange our house to make the bedroom an office so I can shut myself in there and work.

Our prepayment penalty on the mortgage goes away in the early part of January. We wanted to sell but with house prices coming down, we thought it might be better to stick it out or rent the place out. Our new baby will be here in June so we need to figure all this out by then. I would really like it if Crystal didn’t have to work.

ZOMG what a fantastic find. I love independent film especially when I get to see stuff that the big studios tend to avoid. Don’t get me wrong. I like big studio stuff as well but often times its more revenue driven rather than artistic development. Anyway, here’s a movie called Walk All Over Me. It should be out on DVD soon but it looks interesting.

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