Upcoming Penny Arcade Expo

I’ve been requisitioned to help set up our booth at PAX this year so I’ll probably be there most of the day the 28th, the entire day Friday the 29th, and hopefully with Crystal that Saturday. They’re going to be renting out more of the space so it should feel even bigger this year. I probably won’t be doing any tournaments this year so I’ll have time to look around and actually play demos and stuff. Hopefully we can find a babysitter because last year’s expo, though fun, had some trying moments chasing a barely two year old.

I’ve been really working hard for our revamp of our corporate site and the launch of some new features there. That and fixing bugs, running reports, and the general insanity of an understaffed web team. I also need to update gobs of our code base and do other things to bring the web development team into a more structured development cycle. There have been some interesting options out there like using a CMS with an ANT based deployment system that I’ve been considering. We’re looking to hire more web developers but it’s been slow going. Web developer means a lot of things these days and for us, it’s more than someone that can work with style sheets and markup code.

Anyway, if you will be at PAX this year swing by the ArenaNet/NCSoft booths and check us out.

UPDATE: Just got by 3 day pass, an Exhibitor badge, and tickets the party we’re hosting at Gameworks. I am so excited! ArenaNet FTW!

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