After Thoughts

It’s taken a week but I am finally back onto PST. I am quite disappointed in myself for not getting to pub crawl with everyone while over there. I think I should have managed my caffeine better. :) It’s good to be home. Right now I am working on bringing some of the things we discussed into reality.


We’ve moved in our office. Our time in our nice room is over as we all shuffle around to make room for other teams.

Henry has been talking and learning really quick. It’s really cool to see him picking up on words and being proud. Yesterday I came home from work and he brought to me a little art project he and mommy were working on. Completely melt-your-heart cute!

Oh and when I got back our sewer water wasn’t draining. And even more horrifically, when one flushed the toilet ghastly things would bubble up in the bath tub! It turns out our main sewer line had some roots that had helped create a massive clog. $500 and a call to a plumber fixed that. That was a lot of money, though.

Right now I’m a little Civ 4 and SimCity Societies. Both are actually quite good. The only MMO I’ve been hanging onto is Tabula Rasa because we get it free through work. Otherwise, I am out of it for a while until Age of Conan. This has freed considerable time for Crystal and I to work on some new music. It’s been really productive and I am very excited to share the fruits of our musical labor. Finally an outlet for our creative side!

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