The Exhibitor Pass Holds Great Power

Today I got to work and helped load up the van. Around 1 we headed over to Gameworks in Seattle to drop off the swag for the party and raffles. The convention center is across the street so it was quick to park in the convention center garage. The convention center was swarming with activity. Lots of people moving big crates and machinery around. The folks from NCSoft were already there and had made considerable progress on the booths. We basically helped place all the computers and accessories to all the stations.


Power and network was slow to arrive so we went to a lounge to have some beer and snacks. When we got back power was in our booth and we had somewhat of a network. It was painfully slow at first but eventually ports were configured and we were successful in installing our game and configuring the new-out-of-box Dell systems to what we needed.


There was nothing particularly amazing to see today since no machines were really on. The War Hammer Online folks were making a ruckus with their trailers and Blizzard took up a bunch of space in anticipation for their upcoming expansion to WoW and Starcraft II. THQ, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Wizards also had considerable booth space. I was surprised (not sure why) that CCP will again show up showing off EVE. I am mostly looking forward to Bioware’s new RPG game and Valve’s Left for Dead. There are a couple other titles that elude me at this time.


It is all a very hurried process but we had contractors do all the major construction. Once all the equipment was located on pallets it was easy to put computers together. Most of the stuff is being sent back to the manufacturers. It is interesting to see how so many computers and displays get constructed.


I really hope PAX remains the new E3 and remains accessible for fans; people who actually play the game. It makes it a much bigger bang for the buck when press, industry, and consumers can wow over the up and coming. I am really stoked about this year’s event. I haven’t signed up for any tournaments so there won’t be a huge time suck dealing with it and I can then enjoy the stuff. The kids are both going to babysitters, thank goodness, so Crystal and I can really go at it this time. We’ll see how things pan out.


I missed the 9:05 boat home so I am sitting in the ferry terminal waiting for the 10:30. I am really tired and I have to get up early tomorrow to finish updating the computers and making sure everything is ready. I hope to see you there!

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