No Randomness

The man shower was a big hit. Thanks to Nate I really enjoyed myself and I am grateful I had a chance to let loose. We celebrated until 1 in the morning or so when we all passed out. I remember sleeping on the floor in the hallway and then moving around. It was an odd night.

I pulled pix off my cell phone. I forget to do it so this goes a ways back. The last two shots are from the man shower. That giant glass is what Nate calls a double admiral. I like to call it a super admiral.


Otherwise I’ve been working quite heavily on my laptop making music and stuff. I ordered a 25 key controller. i will need a sound card because the built in one is total crap. The input/output latencies make using the laptop for anything music wise really hard.

I’ve revived my work on the RSSWriter feed editor program I was working on. Our old one doesn’t work in 64-bit Vista and mine does so it’s cool to get to show that off a little.

Crystal and I are ramping up for the new baby in June. I leave for Austin on the 27th so let’s keep our fingers crossed that she doesn’t come out early!

And some things I wanted to share:

It’s been suddenly super stressful at work as I work furiously to fix some vulnerabilities and trying to maintain what’s left of my shattered ego. It is a good lesson. I thought I had all my ducks in a row but I missed some details. I will post about it later when I get things under control.

Also, I bought a couple new instruments! I found a Lowry electric organ for $12.49 at Good Will in decent shape. It’s got bass pedals, a volume pedal, two keyboards (49 key I think) and switches to boot. It’s not a Hammond like I want but it’s plenty to mess with. I also got a 25 key controller that I can take with me on the ferry rides to and from work. It’s awesome to have 2 hours every day to be creative. If I don’t feel like it I can program or sleep but I like this recent ability to exert creative energy.

Some upcoming titles:

  • Ferry Ride
  • Zum Arbeit
  • Inspiration
  • Card Swipe
  • Wade Through Filth

It’s a concept album inspired by commutes to and from work.

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