New Home Located

Helen and Henry have been making miraculous advances in many areas. For example, within this last week Helen has begun smiling at things especially momma and daddy when we make faces at her. Henry has started putting together sentences. Examples are “Bad guy fall” when referring to Gastone in Beauty and the Beast or “Daddy go away” when I go to work. One of the magical moments I had lately was when he was sitting and watching a movie and he was smiling, laughing, and talking about what was going on in the movie or when we runs up to me and hugs my leg and says “Hi daddy”.

As you all know, our house has been for sale for about two months now. We’ve agreed with our realtor and dropped the prices from our original price for the home. The number of showings has increased but still no offers. It’s been hard to have to leave the house spotless every day that someone calls and says they want to see the house.

In order to help expedite the sale of our home, move closer to work, and enjoy a larger square footage home we’ve decided to give apartment living a try. Our move in date is September 15th. I get very sentimental about our current home. Henry has started to call it home. We realize that it’s probably nothing but a word he associates with were we arrive but a lot happened here and it will be sad to see it go.

We had our company picnic this weekend which was a blast except for the insane heat. I actually spent a good amount of time jumping in the giant bubble with Henry. My manager has gone to Leipzig so I’ll be spending the coming weeks wrapping up Guild Wars stuff and start meeting up with our PMs to discuss GW2 things.

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