Brighton: Day Two

It has been amazing staying here. I am a little disappointed that I haven’t had the time to do a lot of touristic type stuff. Today we got up and had a spectacular breakfast at our hotel. The hotel has a very organic, all natural type of approach to everything. The food tasted awesome. Fresh squeezed orange juice, eggs Benedict, cereal, toast with butter, yogurt, and of course, tea. The day at work was very productive. After the initial awkward introductions we had some great brainstorming sessions. My particular meetings that I have been heading regarding technology have been awesome. We accomplished more than i had even dreamed because we have a highly skilled, enthusiastic team here who is totally willing to share their highly experienced ideas.

Lunch was sushi and potato chips. I opted for the salad and had a couple pieces of sushi. It’s not my favorite food but I enjoyed the change. After our meetings at 5 pm we went to a French restaurant. We had some good cuisine but the best part was the desert. I had the best chocolate ice cream I had ever tasted. Eating it was like experiencing something completely new. It was so delightful that I was finished with only half the serving. I decided to finish it to continue overloading my senses.

We went back to our hotel, dropped off our bags, and went to a pub down the street. It was a wonderful first day and I really enjoyed myself. One thing I wanted to point out were the little differences. Their Coca-Cola is sweetened with sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. It tastes and feels so much better than the stuff we have in the USA. When I first had a sip, I was immediately struck by the subtle difference. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was sweetened this way.

Another thing is how outrageously some things are priced here and how some things are reasonable. A steak dinner was £15 which is like our $15 but it costs me $30 after conversion. Gas is around $9 a gallon but cars are virtually unnecessary. Renting a average home is £1,250 which is not too bad for a Brit but it is about $2,500! The average home in England start around £250,000. It’s fair to say some cost of living is higher. I mean, London can be considered the most expensive city to live in the world. Howwever, some things are reasonable.

Tomorrow more meetings, maybe some time for pictures, and perhaps a chance to see some night life.

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