Brighton: Day Three & Four

The third day was interesting but honestly it was very quick. Breakfast was great, as usual, and we arrived to the offices to start our meetings. We left the offices around 5 to go to dinner at a pizzeria called Pizza Express. On our way to dinner we had a chance to see King George’s residence he built and his stables. We hit a local pub afterwards. Everyone else went to bed but I stayed up and had a fabulous whiskey sour at the hotel bar.

Yesterday was amazing. One of our morning meetings was canceled so I had a chance to walk around Brighton and take some pictures. I walked down the hill to a church and then went down one of the “lanes” which has lots of small shops. Down the streets all the way to the water front I was able to catch some of the beach and then head up through the Southern Lanes which had more posh shops than the northern cousins. The narrows streets some of which are pedestrian only were fun to navigate. I drew some cash from an ATM so I could do a little browsing and buy a snack. I found a cool hobby shop with lots of cool models and toys.

I eventually made my way to Churchill Shopping Centre which is basically a mall. I stopped by the Borders to pick up some post cards and stamps. There was an HMV music store so I was able to buy a couple CDs. My biggest worry is finding something for Crystal. Nothing yet has caught my eye. For me being able to walk around listening to my iPod seeing the town at my own pace not worrying about anyone else was the best part of this entire trip.


After I got back to the office we went to lunch at The Eagle pub located a few blocks from our offices. There I wanted some authentic pub food but it ended up being very strange. I ordered some Black Pudding with Chorizo: there was none of the first and little of the latter. One of the fellows I met here is also appreciative of proper farm food. We sopped at a butcher and picked up a Black Pudding sausage. Eventually I delivered it to the hotel concierge and asked them to cook it for me for breakfast the next morning.

Last night after work we all walked up a block to The Yeoman and had drinks and dinner there. I must admit that generally, pub food and beer is much better than anything I have seen in the States. The tendency to deep fry everything is not prevalent here and the food is actually really good. The beer has generally been better in terms of selection. To my sad surprise, Guinness did not taste better here. Actually, I guess it’s a good thing!

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