Brighton: Day One

It was a painful good bye for me as I kissed Henry on his head. Crystal and I dropped him off at my parents’ place so it’d be easier at the airport. We got to the airport with little effort around 4:30. I had already printed my boarding pass and reserved a seat the night before at the British Airways website. After bidding Crystal a farewell I met up with Reagan and AJ. We checked in our bags and got through the security check point fairly quickly.

After a train ride and up some escalators we arrived at our gate. We were over an hour early so we joined our uber boss Jeff for some beer at one of the eateries. It was getting dark and by the time we actually took off at 6:30 the silhouette of the Sound was outlined by the lights of the city. I tried to make out some of the landmarks. The only thing that clicked was the Space Needle. Then we turned East and the lights of civilization faded over the horizon. As we headed further and further North things grew almost pitch black except the occasional snow capped peaks of various ranges.

We flew business class so the seats weren’t too uncomfortable. I have to say that I was impressed with the food and service during the flight. The screens in the seats had a lot of current movies available to watch along with TV shows, radio, and music. My favorite feature was the constantly updating map that displayed our position over a map along with various details like altitude and speed. Once at 37,000 feet, however, that didn’t update all that much.

For dinner I had beef lasagna, a couple complimentary cup sized bottles of wine, and the latest movie about Queen Elizabeth. I found it fitting since I was headed to the seat of her empire. I tried sleeping but i was impossible. I am incredibly tired now and I know I will sleep well.

The first glance I got of the UK from the air was around Manchester. Before that was miles upon mies of could cover. Way down below I could make out streets of housing perfectly aligned. It seemed very bland housing but being so far up it would be hard to notice the differences. After Manchester we started to descend. The first time I noticed people driving on the wrong side of the roads was about 20 miles North at around 10,000 feet. I saw the river Thames and I was quite surprised to see the amount of smog hovering over the entire Southern half of England. Once we got on path to land I got to see an awesome castle from the air.

The drivers here are nuts. I say that about everywhere I go but here it really stood out. Being in a van with a veteran taxi cab driver didn’t help. Sometimes he would ride the person in front of us doing 80. We got to our hotel. It’s a charming little 20 or so room place that is right on the water. The English Channel is wonderful to see. I went outside and snapped a couple photos of the view. The wind makes it a bit chilly. I did, however, sit down and enjoy the sun setting while I had a wonderful pipe smoke.

I took a shower, shaved, and changed. The flight has left me exhausted and I am worrying about how I am going to perform tomorrow being so out of it. Hopefully I will sleep well tonight. We are meeting for dinner at an Indian restaurant tonight.


Dinner was actually quite good. The eight of us ordered just about everything on the menu and then shared it. I liked the Chicken Bengal. By the end of dinner I was practically falling asleep walking. We got back to our rooms. I took another shower and got into my PJs. It’s 10 pm GMT which is 2 Pacific Time. Good night all.

UPDATE: Having international calling on my cell is a blessing and a curse. It’s almost six this morning and someone decided to call me. I can’t fall back asleep so I am sitting here updating this and doing a little searching on things to do in Brighton. Today I would like to take some good pictures and go to a store and buy some post cards, some salty snacks, and maybe check out some of the bars/shops.

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