Brighton: Day Five & Return

Okay, blogging everyday is a little tough! :) Yesterday I had black pudding which I bought from a local butcher for about three quid. The hotel happily cooked it for me and it was the most beautiful breakfast experience to date. It is so refreshing to see some of these more traditional foods more accepted. Mention blood sausage or the like in the US and get tons of flak.

After breakfast we went to work and wrapped up our meetings. Our week had been extremely productive. It makes me very glad to get to here and accomplish everything I set out to do. I am really impressed by the folks here and I hope that the relationships we have built will continue to thrive.

We went to have fish and chips that night which was quite filling. After we went on a pub crawl. Sadly, I was too tired to continue so I went to my room and relaxed for a couple hours. This morning I filled out and mailed some post cards. My breakfast was some German salami I had bought at the same butcher shop. It was also really good.

The plane ride back was much easier. The food was worse but I managed to get a little nap in. I was extremely happy to see Crystal and Henry. I am extremely happy to be home.

I guess a couple things come of all this. First, I need to get a smaller and lighter laptop. Second, it’s too much hassle to bring a SLR camera on business unless I have several hours to explore without my laptop. Finally, it is extremely nice to have at least a couple hundred bucks to spend on stuff. Whether its a cab ride or admission to a museum.

I will post the rest of the pictures soon!

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