Activism, Friends and School

First off, I wanted to say that I am going to Tacoma on a grand tour of friendship. Think of it as Premier Krushchev riding an armored train to various satellite states during the old Soviet regime in Russia. B) Its been way too long with school, work and all. I suppose that I will write all those affected and finalize things but those are my plans. Unfortunately, I don’t know if my wife will come along. She feel sick frequently being prego and all. It makes any long term type things (including work) almost unbearable.

School has been going well, I think. So far, my CS 110 class I have a 100% grade. I scored a perfect score on my midterm. My Math 119 midterm went really well and the only problem I did not know the answer to was: Define argument. Otherwise, I think I did okay. I have a couple large projects that I need to work on. One is for the CS class involving articles on emerging technology and the other is for History. I picked Helenistic science as my presentation subject. After a month of knowing what the assignment is and having done some reading, I still have no idea what to do.

I have been in a game lull now for a while. I play only on weekends or I force a late nighter after homework on the weeknight. I usually fall back on Day of Defeat but I just found a really fun game called Navy Field which is a lot like Guild Wars but you play online against other people in a show of strength using battleships and frigates. Its actually quite fun and although it may seem boring to some people, riding the waves and blowing up other warships is pretty cool. You gain experience and money and you upgrade your ships or buy new ones. Your crew gains levels. Its such a cool new twist to role playing and online games. The client is a mere 250 MB and its such a blast to play. I caution those who want a quick fight. Coordinating speed, torpedoes and gun fire can be challenging. I recommend it because right now its a free open beta. Hopefully if it ever goes gold, they will keep it free like Guild Wars after an initial purchase. Also, I have played the demo for F.E.A.R. and Age of Empires III. Both are interesting but I am tired of RTS and FPS games.

A lot of political mumble jumble has been going on lately. Our president has made some startling nominations for the Supreme Court. I honestly don’t have a problem with these nominations and I am glad that the Senate is doing its job in trying to put pressure on the nominated people to get more info out of them. My biggest problem is activism. A majority of stuff I see regarding the government is activism and it is so aggravating especially when the term and its implicitives are used to commonly. You see, whenever a Senator is quoted as to why he or she is being so critical or a judge, they use terms like “judicial activism” and “legislation from the bench” and the term is very wrong. Basically, the executive and legislative branches of our government want judges to simply rubber stamp every and any piece of legislation without giving it any consideration against our embattled Constitution. Everytime a law is passed that the judges feel violates key priciples, they get all anxious and it shows. The legislative branch feels that the judicial branch should turn a blind eye and it pisses me off.

Now on the flip side, there can be a threat of judicial activism I suppose but that is very hard to prove or even find examples of. The whole system has become one giant power play. Is it possible that after decades of disgusting legislative perversions commited by the legislators and executives of this country are finally becoming more and more scrutinized? Here is a great article from which discusses the conundrum of these terminologies. I believe that when you hear those phrases by the folks of Congress, you are basically hearing an attitude that echoes greed and self-interests. These people don’t want a judge that will help preserve the Constitution (even though its not their purpose. The preservation of the Constitution lies in the President and Congress which swears to uphold the Constitution but signs into law so many un-Constitutional laws we could pave all the freeways in the United States with their pages) but rather someone who will sit back and flow with liberal or activist society. Someone who will allow and disallow things that they see fit and what will gaurentee them a longer stay in office.

And going on about how the government is messed up, don’t even get me started about this war in Iraq. Its a complete mess and has just become another Vietnam. Sure, 2,000 United States citizens aren’t as much as the 50,000 that died in Vietnam, but how many deaths are required to make a comparison between two futile, illegal wars? What is surprising is that a majority of people know the reason for going to war in Iraq qas a sham. The lies from forged documents, false intelligence, and assertions of an Al Quida link to Saddam Huissen are completely preposterous. The entire globe was lied to. To top all this off, there is this smear campaign the White House attempted on a C.I.A. operative when that operative debunked the regime’s story that Iraq was buying or attempting to buy uranium from Niger. Sure Mr. Hussein was a bad guy. The world is full of them. The region has to develop a thirst for democracy on its own through natural evolution of the local political landscape. Forcing it on them is not a solution. My favorite comeback is that Mr. Hussein shipped all the weapons of mass destruction to neighboring countries before we invaded. Come on people, you were fucked over and lied to. Take Mr. Bush’s dick out of your ass and either do something about it or get over it. If it were that obvious that WMD existed, let’s see it. When Russia was stockpiling weapons in Cuba, we saw it. We saw the missiles and the launch pads. There was no playing around and hiding shit.

So now we have this region destabilized even more. The Iraqi nation is on the verge of civil war and a government ensuring support for the new Iranian fundamentalist state has been installed. Oh and Gauntalamo Bay? The U.N.? What beast have we created? The U.N. is telling Syria that having members of its governing elite assisted is just unacceptable and now the U.N. will impose sanctions if they don’t root those people responsible out. Inspectors want to visit this prison in Cuba. The Pentagon is saying no but people still support the U.N. which is the biggest threat to our sovereignty other than ourselves. Wake up Mr. and Mrs. America. You idiots that are asking the U.N. to monitor your elections should realize that one day they will monitor what you can and can’t say. There are some massive precedents that will change the history of the world forever. Perhaps my thoughts aren’t complete but these are the things that have had me captivated over the last couple weeks,

Popular suffrage is in itself no guarantee of freedom. People can vote themselves into slavery.
— Frank Chodorov

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