Ms. Moneypenny

Ms. Moneypenny is my cat. She is black with a couple white patches on her chest and paws. She is about 6 pounds and some ounces. I think she is about 7 months old. She can be crazy at times but lately she has been really lovey. I dropped her off at the vet today and I am feeling bad because she will be spayed and de-clawed on the front paws. I feel cruel and am getting sick just thinking about what she is going through.

I went to a Christmas get together last night and met a young couple and some other interesting people. One girl was explaining how angry she gets when people break driving laws that involve her. It was funny yet uneasy to hear her episodes as she chases people down and tries to yell at them. I agree that people can be idiots when they drive but she may take things too far!

I am listening to Rant Radio which has a great industrial dance music station. I am dreading being here late tonight but the extra hours are going to really help. I am afraid that if I don’t stay late I may get behind on some things. I went to Magnolia Hi-Fi which is a local medium-high end audio store. I suppose I could spend much much more for a couple pairs of speakers for my car but that would be a poor choice. I liked Boston Acoustics but no one local carries them. One place is trying to sell Focal speakers, another MB Quart. Which should I go with?

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