Getting Back Into The Swing

I am still having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. Work, the commute, dealing with bums, the constant deficiency of cash: everything. Crystal and I have been having a difficult time adjusting to having two kids. With just Henry things seemed to be headed to sort of a sanity baseline but with the new baby all that has been reset. Crystal is finding her groove though and slowly over time things are steadily stabilizing.

Jerry is getting married to Jeannine this Saturday. The bachelor party was fantastic. I was able to enjoy myself with a few beers and a steak but nothing insane where I ended up sleeping on the hall way floor and the bathroom like at my man shower. I ended up sleeping on the floor, however, as Josh’s couch I dub the back killer.

It was nice to get to see everyone. Dane made it and Braden showed up after he got off work. We played some Rock Band and ended the night with a viewing of the original Back to the Future. Jerry was able to recite most if not all the lines within.

A couple of my files containing my code were reviewed by one of my bosses. He’s one of the most awesome programmers I’ve ever had a chance to talk to so it is quite intimidating to have my humble bits of code scrutinized by him. I am incredibly excited to learn some stuff from him, however. That combined with the loads of work to do I admit that I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately.

Our company took us to see Dark Knight today, the newest Batman movie and I was quite happy. The previews showed two movies I am Jonesin’ to see: Quantum of Solace and Watchmen. The movie itself was a bit long and some of the story seemed off at times but overall it was worth a gander in the theater.

My music production has been awesome lately. I mean, still not at a level where I can work all the time but enough to really get some stuff fleshed out. I’ve been writing music again both lyrics and manuscript. I am looking to get stuff out soon but with how busy I have been I feel that it may be a while. I have gotten really excited about some new equipment. A couple keyboards like the Roland Juno-G or the Yamaha Motiff XS8 are at the top of my list. I went to a local Guitar Center and got a chance to play on both of those and had so much creative fun its amazing. I still want to check out a few other machines: Korg Triton, something from Alesis, and a Virus T1. The plugins and all the software are nice but there is something that I am not setting up right because the knobs and voicing an actual synth has is hard to beat.

Helen has started smiling. It is one of those moments that make me happy. Henry has been more vocal and it’s been a struggle to keep the kids civil. When one stops crying the other starts whining.

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