Introducing My Little Princess

May I introduce to you Helen Katherine Anna Hrádek.


She is so little and it quickly reminded us of when Henry was her size. Everyone is doing great now and Crystal is recovering ok. Well, here is her birth story:

Starting Friday Crystal was having fevers. It was nothing unusual since she had a couple mild fevers when Henry was born. However, Saturday they were still there. We got a little concerned but decided to wait one more day. Sunday came by and again, a fever which was a bit higher than the previous couple days. Our baby was due Saturday day but we decided it was time to play it safe and have the baby checked out. We dropped Henry over at his grandmas house around 1:30 in the afternoon Sunday and got to the hospital a little after 2. We had packed everything for our hospital trip just in case. I mean, the baby was due but it wouldn’t hurt to have our things together. Last time we came prepared but definitely could have used some changes in clothes and things to do.

We get to St. Joseph’s in Tacoma and Crystal meanders to the door. It was very windy just like with Henry. The temperature was dropping and it was making Crystal very cold since she still had a fever. She was admitted fairly quickly. We arrived in our room and Crystal was given some fluids. The mid-wife came and we had checked the baby with the monitors. The baby’s heart rate was very elevated. Things were looking bleak for another all natural birth. This was scary as one bad news came after another. After watching to baby’s heart rate and trying to get Crystal’s fever under control it was decided to do an ultrasound on the baby to make sure fluid levels were ok. They were not. With all these factors we decided that an urgent Cesearan Section was our best option. If we wait and have a natural birth the baby’s heart may fail or Crystal dies of septic shock.

So around 6 pm Crystal was wheeled off to the operating room. It was very scary. Fortunately everyone was very nice and took the time to explain things. After weighing to options I think we all concluded the best possible outcome. We had no idea what this infection was and what it could possibly do to the baby. Between 2 and 6 we tried to keep calm and let Crystal keep comfortable as the doctors and nurses do their job. When the mid-wife came in and asked whether or not she’s had anything to eat we knew in our hearts what was happening. We agreed that the Cesarean was the best option and decided to do it.

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