Memorial Day Weekend ’08

Things are coming along ok lately. Crystal has been getting ready for the new kid so we went all out and cleaned the house as much as we could over this last three day weekend. The weather people said it would be a crappy weekend with rain but everyday was sunny and warn except the latter half of Memorial Day. Every time we clean up and mow the lawn I think to myself how quaint and nice our little abode is.

Our flight was delayed several hours so I have had a chance to relax and use my laptop. Unfortunately I don’t have a means to pay for wi-fi Internet but I just installed Hearts of Iron: Armageddon (thanks to Jerry for the copy! I can finally scratch it off my list!) so it has made up for it. I suppose I could work on my music; we’ll see. In the mean time I am taking the time to collect my thoughts. Crystal and I had a wonderful weekend which was relaxing and productive. Saturday we cleaned the house, took care of the yard, clean the garage, fix the gutter, among other things. It was supposed to be a fairly uneventful day because Crystal wanted to take it easy preparing for the birth of child two. Nate came by at around 10 very impromptu and we drove to get haircuts. My belt which I have had for ten plus years finally broke so I picked up a new one.

Jerry showed up around eleven and we had a great time having lunch, checking out electronics, and then hanging around the house. I got to show him Age of Conan. We had a bbq later that evening, we watched a movie, and stuff. The next morning I took Henry to church and let Crystal sleep in. She slept until 1:30! The girl needed it though. She has been up almost every night either going to the bathroom or having restless legs. It’s hard to watch because there isn’t much I can do.

Our flight got delayed several hours so I am sitting at the gate writing and deciding between HoI and working on my music. Given the fact that the glare is horrible and there aren’t any tables to use I opt for easy game to play.

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