Austin, TX

It has been hot. Like 97° hot. I didn’t sleep much last night. We stayed at the Hilton because it was really close to the airport. It was comfortable but the sheets seemed oddly… clammy? One of my coworkers noted the same. You know that smell when someone’s obviously smoked in a room but it’s been carpeted, painted, and cleaned many times but you can still smell it faintly? Yeah, that is also something that surprised me. Maybe in Texas you can smoke in your hotel room. I don’t know.

The drive to the offices was comfortable. We got in, set up and had a string of meetings. Our publisher has one of their offices here and this office handles everything from marketing to server administration. It was awesome to finally meet the people I e-mail so often. We are at the ground level of trying to establish something that will not let anyone down. It’s wonderful to see all the pieces coming together.

After that I closed my laptop and I couldn’t log back into it. Something about being on the domain and then not after power cycling. Holy crap it was frustrating. I finally fixed it using safe mode with networking but that took time because everything we tried a lot of different things. Fortunately my subsequent meetings didn’t require my laptop.

I had some freaking awesome beef ribs. I ate an entire rack myself. I think I plainly demonstrated my manliness amongst the orders of samplers, chicken, and half sandwiches. Tonight we will go out and relax. I am not sure what will happen. I am freaking tired.

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