I ordered this backpack today. I think carrying around my monster laptop will be a lot easier. On the other hand, it has been quite nice traveling to work with nothing more than my umbrella.

I have been listening to a lot of music lately. I have been traveling through the channels of DI.FM. I subscribed to the service. It’s a mere $7 a month and at 192 Kbps its a lot nicer than the usual 128 stuff on most larger streaming radio stations. However, there are a few good ones I have regularly been visiting. Rautemusic.fm, Radio FG, and HHUK to name a few. I have been getting into a style of music called “Electro-House“. The melody is driven by the bass line and is often a saw or… It’s hard to explain but the WikiPedia has a couple samples. Oh, and Bj?rk has a song/video “Declare Independence” that drives me awesome:


I am not a big fan of hers but once in a while things she does are interesting. Alfa-Matrix has been a fantastic record label. I like a lot of the stuff they release.

As usual lots of stuff is going on. There is a credit/market crisis of sorts. It’s hard to muddle through the details but it appears that a few key legislations that were enacted after the previous Great Depression were repealed by President Clinton, a democrat. With large institutions collapsing all around us and the government dropping the federal interest rate to near record lows things look bad in terms of a recession or even better, the once a hundred years correction; a depression. If the price of goods inflates past the increase in wages, then even us consumers have things to worry about. The price of gas is now hovering around $3.45 a gallon which is also affected things like the price of groceries and our willingness to drive. I had a thought the other day about this insane drive with things “Green”. I wonder if eventually private land use will be abolished in the name of being environmentally conscious. After all, its the moral thing to do. No, not really.

It’s Friday and I am beat. A week of riding the bus has taken the toll on me.

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