Off to Austin, TX

A couple of my co-workers and I are headed down to Texas for a few days to meet with our NCSoft partners to discuss server related issues and road maps. It will be nice to finally meet these guys face to face. I will be leaving Monday, May 19th and will be back either that Wednesday or Thursday.

Apart from that it’s been a fairly busy few days. We talked to our local HUD counselor regarding our home loans to give us some help. It was a productive meeting.

I woke up this morning only to step on my relatively new glasses. The temple broke and they are impossible to fix. It is utterly enraging especially since I had to super glue my previous pair to make it to work. Next pair will have to be constructed of titanium alloy complete with extended no fault service plan.

Popping Advil to deal with the ensuing headache my eyes are giving me adjusting back to this prescription.

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