Getting it to Work

I’ve had the hardest time trying to get side-chaining and compression to work. There is this cool utility called TC Bundle but it’s no longer being supported. My problem is that I have a kick drum on, for instance, channel 3 of a particular VSTi instrument. If I place the side-chaining insert to that it side-chains the entire instrument rather than just that channel.

So now I am looking at doing it the old fashioned way using a group channel and sending a kick drum to the compressor and then routing the bass (and whatever) through it. It probably doesn’t make any sense so I am probably not explaining it right which means my understanding of the process is also probably very little.

Here is a release from Angelspit titled “Vena Cava” which also drives me awesome:


At work I had a couple cool things figured out. Sometimes I bang my head on something that feels like forever and then it works and it feels good. Things like TCP connections, sending and receiving data, and working with Apache’s mod_rewrite module are all things I have been touching lately.

Probably one of the things I am most proud of is putting all my critical files into Subversion so I can finally do version control. I am the only one using it on my team but then again, I am the only one touching those files. One of the things I was doing is putting things into classes and trying to make things more modular. Code simplification, modularization, standard input and result paradigms, and so on. In the past everything seems to have been written for just that one purpose. As I look through my code I see patterns and it’s so cool to bust two similar functions down into one function or finally realizing the beauty of require_once(). :p

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