Commenting on Bus Riding

There are pluses and minuses to bus riding. Since I spent a couple posts expressing my happiness in saving money and not hassling with traffic and parking, here is a short list of annoyances:

  • Foul smells: people fart around you; wear too much or too little of stuff to hide their body odors.
  • Fecal matter: Walking through downtown Seattle still yields a surprising walk in human excrement and vomit. The people that have the most power never set foot in this because they either ride in limos/excessively expensive cars or sleep in a cryogenic chamber where Tom Cruise gives them subliminal messages about upcoming inter-solar conventions.
  • Walking Velocity: Either people speed walk pushing you as they ferociously dart to a Starbucks or three, slow walking mammoths block the entire sidewalk so you can’t pass.
  • Beggers: Being asked for change is one thing. Being asked for change a dozen times on my way to and from work every day is another.
  • Politics: We live in one of the most Democrat infested states in the Union and it shows everywhere.
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