Bus Bus Bus; Time is Money

Today I bought a monthly pass for the ferries and Seattle Metro. The total cost was $175.80 for a month’s worth of riding. We have been doing a lot of budgeting and reconfiguring to make our situation work. Crystal will drop me off in time for the 9 AM boat. I will ride it and arrive in Seattle around 10 and hopefully catch the 10:15 bus to Bellevue. I will then have to walk about 15 minutes from the stop to our offices. The savings are pretty good and I look forward to the exercise. If I take the ferry in the car, I need to buy gas more than twice a month. The total for a month’s commute is $519.60. If I drive around I need to fill up a little more than once a week which is about $300 a month but my sanity quickly gets sucked from me somewhere between Renton and Bellevue. This all revolves gas staying around $3.30 a gallon. The bus ride was fast but the walking will take some time getting used to.

I have been collecting some tanks for my desk at work. Crystal complained how lame my work space looked compared to the giant wall of pinned up posters and unopened action figure boxes across from my desk. There are some pretty cool 1:32 scale models that are all ready to play with. I have the Panzer 38(t) and the Jagdtiger. What really blew me away is how much bigger the Tiger chassis is than the prewar developed tanks. I am looking forward to getting a couple more pieces for my set.

It was a pretty busy weekend. I helped a friend I used to work with move a bunch of remodeling debris and garbage to the dump. Of course, it looked like someone murdered a paint can in the back of the truck because things fell over and leaked so I had to get some new pants and shoes. That was until about one but after that the weather turned ugly so I spent most of it in the house working on some new tracks, playing some HOI, and spending time with my sister and Henry. Sunday we spent most of the day helping Jerry and Jeannine move to their new house. It is a very nice place. I am grateful for the Popeye’s I earned in return after it was all done.

I took yesterday off to enjoy the weather, work on the yard, and change my oil. My back was still sore from all the moving so it was nice to take a day to take it easy. I changed my oil which was brown, a little frothy. I am very disappointed in how long it took me to change my oil. However, with me now riding the bus, I won’t need to worry about that now! Which reminds me, I need to leave my laptop at work or get a different bag. It’s really heavy to walk around town to and from stations especially since it’s over one shoulder.

Oh, and on the way to work today I thought of a new sandwich which would be in step with all the crap our financial markets are going through now. Prime rib meat with cheese and other fixings: the “Sub Prime”. Come on… I thought it was funny!

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