A Little Sore

Okay, now that I have done it a couple times I have a better understanding of how the system works. When I get to Seattle it takes me about ten minutes to walk to the station on James St. I ride the Express to Bellevue which takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. Then I get off the bus at the Park and Ride and walk to the office which is a solid 20 minutes. Al together its an extra 20 to 30 minutes each way. It’s not bad. Al together it takes an extra hour out of my day. I worry about seeing my family that much less every day. If I had a job in Seattle this wouldn’t be the case I suppose.

I actually feel really good about all this. It saves me quite a bit of cash which makes being a single income family just a tad bit easier. Also, the work out has really boosted the good kind of hormones and I feel more peppy and happy now. My legs are freakin’ sore but I feel that the walks will help me lose some weight.

I am going to order a back pack for my laptop. The shoulder slung bag is not practical for my commute. I am getting a lot more use out of reading and listening to my iPod. Which reminds me, there have been some great articles in the recent editions of EM regarding music culture and the deteriorating demand for quality recordings. The iPod generation and downloading have really made over compressed (musically and digitally) music a norm. I think as bandwidth and capacity increase we will hopefully be saved from the 128 Kbps hell we’ve all hopped into.

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