Mixer Mixup

I had my mixer exchanged because one of the faders stopped working. Zzounds.com has been amazing and even upgraded me to the nicer model at no extra because they didn’t have any of mine in stock. That kind of service without excessive burden is what makes me a return customer. The new mixer has some effects added to it but is otherwise the same. I enjoy the split left and right monitoring channels. It makes for more control during mixing and production to fine tune various details.

Speaking of mixers, I have been working a lot on some new tunes. I have several tracks to share. Sometimes the sounds and ideas blend well and sometimes I get down a few bars of an idea and thats all I get. Crystal has been helping me immensely not only with letting me stay up (and thus sleep in the next day) but also some lyrical and vocal ideas. Husband and wife team go!

At work we have several things going on. Our game’s third anniversary is coming up so all of us in the web team (and our marketing manager) have been gearing up for the various planned events. I have a few things coming up but otherwise I have a massive undertaking. We want to generate a bunch of statistics players have in game onto our website. There are a couple new ways of communicating to our servers and I have been finding PHP rather clunky at handling TCP connections. That’s why I have been exploring web services like XML-RPC and SOAP. The prior requires third party libraries to develop client side wrappers (well, I suppose you code develop your own) and the latter seems extremely complicated.

I spent some time chatting with Tim and it seems that I can develop a CGI web service and then a wrapper to interface with it. I am extremely excited about this idea. Other than getting to learn some good stuff about TCP/IP and C++ in general. I like the idea of passing something a function name, whatever number of parameters, and then getting back an XML response. I think using HTTP POST is just as viable for a web service. I think the question I am asking myself is… do we need a web service? I have some things to try out in PHP before I go full bore with this. Our website (and perhaps other applications) would greatly benefit from a service but I guess I am confused why I shouldn’t be connecting to a PHP page and execute my requests that way.

So much to decide!

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