Instant Speed Boost

Wicked story here. I was at work downloading the City of Heroes client at around 350-380 Kbps. Pretty even speed for the 2 GBs of data. I come home and do the same to get a flat 124 Kbps. What the heck? I am being sold “fast” internet at a 6 Mbps down but I am somehow downloading at a much slower rate. Sure, my pipe isn’t the gobs of T1s we have at work but I should be at least getting the 350 up to the 6000 Kbps advertised. I understand that downloads also depend on where you are downloading from.

So I poked around, did some speed tests, and found that for Comast users switching our DNS servers to & makes a huge improvement in download speed. This is easily done through the router (or computer [shame on you for not using a router]). I am now happily downloading at the speeds as at work. Amazing that Comcast is unable to provide this by default.

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