Microsoft Vista: Still Teh Suck

A year after this mess of corporate profiteering, DRM enslaving OS software has been released I have yet to be convinced of the wisdom behind switching to the newest OS from MS. After using it for a solid year on my laptop and the 64-bit version on my quad core desktop, there really seems little reason to make the switch. I went ahead and installed this SP1 pack on my laptop and probably the only improvement I noticed was faster file manipulation.

I think the biggest mistake made by this OS was not giving any thought to their biggest customers: the average home user. You see, after going ahead and giving in to corporate demands for DRM and other various media controls built into the OS itself, usability and the things that the average home user does have been virtually ignored. People want to be able to use their computers however they please. Don’t make an OS that doesn’t allow them this. As soon as you build things into the machine that limit its usefulness you have degenerated innovation.

Apart from these complaints the OS runs fine for average day to day stuff. Some features have been reworked to easier accomplish various tasks like networking and so on. Some features have become worse. A feature which is supposed to prevent unwanted applications from installing continuously pops up multiple messages warning you. This feature is easily turned off but any subsequent updates from MS will force it back on. No no! And updates will happen automatically even if you disable them. MS deems some updates more valuable than the settings you have set on your computer.

It doesn’t end there but I can go on. MS thinks it knows best so it will override your wishes. I can see where this mentality comes from. After years of not enforcing updates and security features there have been huge bot armies which MS is virtually responsible for because of their crappy OS design. Instead of designing something that is flawed and needs constant patching they should just give up and design something around a *nix platform. I will never upgrade my Windows XP Pro box. My company dictates I use Vista and I am ok with getting to try the latest at work.

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