Happiness Is…

It’s just that time again. Here is a list of a few things that bring me happiness:

  • Rolling over in bed to find a toy car pressing into your side
  • Seeing momma’s belly grow knowing full well another member will join our family
  • Bashing my head over code that doesn’t work only to realize that I made a completely stupid mistake whose correction makes everything else work
  • Learning something new especially when it is something regarding work or music
  • Being there for someone knowing I am making the difference for them
  • A whiskey sour, a good pipe with a mild tobacco, and conversation to boot
  • The love of my life smiling at me every day
  • Listening to a good mix of music
  • Hearing my son learn to say his own name
  • Roast duck with sour kraut and Czech dumplings smothered in drippings
  • Turning the key, hearing the car start, and then go every day without fail
  • Lots of snow especially when I wake up in the morning

:) Ya know, I could go on and on.

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