Expedite This!

I needed a new passport given that my old one expired ten years ago. What a rush of memories flipping through the pages seeing the entry stamps from all the countries I had visited. It is sad to see I haven’t done any traveling since then. With the trip to London coming up quick, I had to get it renewed and it was remarkably fast given that I had to pay extra to have it expedited. It’s good to know that if a trip is coming up you can wait to within the 14 days prior to leaving and have it processed at the local agency. The new passports are goofy and I am completely disappointed the State Department decided to make a booklet which is covered in Americana. Perhaps to instill patriotism in me I am not sure how the officials outside this country will feel about it.

I went to a local big box electronics retailer and found a wall outlet adapter. Most of these electronics apparently handle voltages from 100 to 240. They should, in my opinion, but to my dismay my digital SLR does not. What a crock! I found a power converter at Radio Shack for thirty bucks. I suppose it’s worthwhile. Maybe instead I will just bring along my point and shoot camera. Less to worry about losing.

This weekend was very nice. Nate and Brandy came over and we enjoyed a movie together. Crystal has rearranged the living room so I had to spend a few hours rearranging the garage to put the couch in there somewhere. It was nice to also reduce the box count a little. After moving several times and simply throwing things into boxes to get them moved it was nice to go through some of them and really decide what was worth keeping and what was not.

I have been wondering a lot about some people’s desire to pigeon hole themselves. I am guilty of this as well. It seems like a lot of things is worth a label. I don’t think it is unique to our times or anything. As I cruise MySpace or talk to people how often I hear or read that the person hates this, likes this, total snob about that, care nothing about this; I suppose it is worth something to have identifiable values. The biggest annoyance with this is when I visit Amazon and see how most people seem to rate things with either 5 out of 5 stars or 1 out of 5 stars. Like using the words love and hate: everything seems to be rated this way as well. I find it much more interesting to get the detail behind extreme dislike and extreme like. Do I have to always convince others of my own stance on that particular thing, person, or place?

I have been looking at some frameworks to potentially adapt for our sites at work. I was considering a Java based framework like Echo2 (seriously click on the demo link). But after talking to another web developer this weekend, why go through all that to learn Java. He suggested sticking with PHP and using something like Symfony. The Google Web Toolkit is also Java based so I am awfully tempted to go the Java route but why do something completely new.

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