Things have somewhat settled down here at work since my boss quit. It is still stressful as everyone is at each others’ throats. Everyone handles deadlines differently I guess. Sam and I sat down and hammered out the directory structure for the new site. Our new boss is a Popeye’s fiend so we all drove down to Renton (the closest one) and had some fabulous fried chicken. I love it.

I have been listening to GUMixed thanks to Reagan at work. It’s a fantastic mix of from the wonderful Global Underground series. I also picked up a copy of Baby Anne’s “Mixtress” album which, although a change for me, dishes out some great Miami style bass grooves.

I haven’t had much time to work on my music. I will be getting back into that this week. I have some good ideas going that I want to lay down. I have been enjoying reading a couple books on musical theory and then taking the ideas into practice. You know, like during this or that period certain chords augmented this or diminished that and scales of course; creates sounds that are associated with it.

Crystal and I watched “Letters From Iwo Jima” last night. It was a continuation of Clint Eastwood’s tale about the island and the battle that occurred there. I enjoyed this second part more than the first as it felt more genuine. It was interesting to see the two films meet at points. In other words, certain scenes I watched in the first tickled my “oh, that is the other side of that event” sense. Pretty neat.

I was given a book titled “PHP 5 Objects: Patterns and Practice” at my last job when I had decided to leave for Arena Net. For the last 2 years since then it has only been flipped through but now I have dusted it off and dove into its preaching regarding writing good enterprise level applications in PHP. It is relevant and I know enough to actually understand the concepts in it. Thanks again!

Oh, and Arrrrrrr to all the folks enjoying Pirate of the Burning Sea. What a wonderful departure from traditional MMOs!

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