UK Here I Come

I have been asked to come along to Brighton, UK (30 minutes from London) for the week of the 17th of February. I am really stoked to be able to finally meet my counterparts in our European office. We have publication processes, localization, and technology discussions scheduled tentatively. I admit I am a bit nervous but as a pseudo web architecture lead I can’t wait to jump in and move our team forward. The most exciting parts of all this are being able to develop cool ways to interface with our game and laying down some strategies and ideas on how to make sure everyone involved is able to mesh together and do some game goodness.

I am going to be immersed in a lot of reading for the next few weeks. I hope to see some sights while I am there, take pictures, and perhaps do a little shopping. Not that the dollar is strong but it’s always nice to get “imports” at non “import” prices. Of course, this all hinges on me getting my passport in time. I’ll have to spend the extra to have it expedited. We’ll see if it’s expedited enough!

Henry was a bit grumpy today with a mild fever. Crystal has been loving getting into house mom mode. I can tell a difference in her well being; like a thousand little weights just jumped off her and scampered back to the hell named Bellevue Square Mall.

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