Play! Concert

Ok, it was freakin’ awesome. The Seattle Symphony played many cool things at the Play! concert Thursday evening. Thank goodness for Jerry and Jeannine who came through and watched Henry for a little while. They played quite a few memorable themes. Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, Battlefield 1942, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and a few Final Fantasy excerpts. A couple of the composers were in the audience. Three large projection screen showed the musicians playing mixed with cut scenes and game play from the various games. Oblivian and Halo were ok and totally weird was including Shenmue. What game is this?

It turns out that Henry has an ear infection in each ear. Good call on the doctor’s visit. It’s been crazy dealing with his sicky self.

My boss’s last day was Friday. It’s been a really crazy week at work. I am not sure how things will play out. I know what my direction is. I really hope I can impress and keep everyone excited about some the the things we have planned for the GW2 website. We want to put together a beta application together for use with GW1 but with how much changes in the new game I think all we will get a chance to test is server load. I wish I could go into details.

I just got a copy of Pirate of the Burning Sea and thus far I am seriously enjoying this new game play. I hope it keeps me interested longer than, say, RG Tabula Rasa. What sad disappointment. I really wish that game had delivered on its promises.

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