Wonderful Time

Church started a little empty this weekend but eventually the place filled up and we got a good ol’ fashioned Christmas jam session goin’ on in the place. It was nice to play some traditional and not so traditional stuff. I sometimes wonder if we should play these sounds more often. It’s not really all about His birth anyway so I guess I just changed my mind. :) Henry hasn’t been eating much. After puking four times Thursday night and then having a slight fever the next day we think he got a bug at day care. *shakes fist* at the general direction to daycare. Today is Sunday and his appetite is still limited.

I just finished off my first bottle of Becherovka. It is actually a very smooth liquor if you can get past the herb-y, gin like initial taste. At 38% alcohol it had me singin’ along to Abbey Road in no time. I am not sure where to find more of this stuff when I do eventually run out. My pastor brought these bottles for me directly from the Czech Republic.

As some of you know, I like high-end audio equipment. Not like Bose or JBL but like B&W and NAD. I wouldn’t say too high end because then you get into overpriced exotic systems like a $16,000 USD CD player but I think as far as audio is concerned and like anything else; you get what you pay for. Anyway, to compliment my B&W speakers and NAD CD player my step-dad-in-law got me a pair of Cobalt Cable speaker cables. I am totally stoked. Now I need to replace my low end receiver and replace both tweeter domes. After that I need to find a child proof cabinet to keep Henry from destroying it all. The trick with truely high end audio stuff is to buy it a few years old used. That way the price is down but you are still leaps beyond the junk they sell at all the retail outlets around.

Tomorrow we go to my parents’ place for ‘Eve dinner and we’ll probably be staying down there for the night. The day I will be cooking

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