This Night Only

It has been a busy few weeks. We’re preparing for the holidays and there is lots to do at work. I just got done throwing together a subscribe/unsubscribe page for our game website. Sounds simple enough but when you consider how many subscribers there are and the requirements of all the different input into this it gets dizzying. We got some snow this year which I have been meaning to post.

Henry explores snow

It started out fairly thin but started sticking fairly quickly. It was really cold that day but Henry enjoyed it. Just before we went for this walk I finally got around to and finished raking the leaves in our yard. I am having mixed feelings about selling the place. I know we have to but I am just not looking forward to moving again.

Crystal decorating

Crystal is knee deep in decorations. We have a tiny tree that is about four feet tall. It suits the home, I suppose. We put lights on in the front of the house. Today we’ll finish with the lights. Crystal has today and tomorrow off so maybe we can get some things done. I need to finalize my dealings with an insurance company and get some Christmass shopping done.

Snow in Bremerton

The snow stuck quick and soon we had almost two inches. Of course, that night it rained between twelve and thirteen inches so all the beautiful snow melted away. They just opened Interstate Five through Chehalis. Apparently that was the hardest hit area with up to ten feet of water across the interstate. I think George Bush doesn’t care about whites because he didn’t send help right away. Okay, I’ll stop.

Benny Benassi at the Showbox

The Showbox is a nice venue. It’s not amazing but in the realm of dirty 21 and over clubbing it’s nice. There is a VIP area by the main bar, there is a mini bar by the coat room, and there is a small eating area with tables and chairs with a bar. Three bars in one place; that can’t be bad. The styling seems old like mid fifties to late sixties so it is a strange contrast to the Old Navy-esque designs of the Winter Fest event we were going to.

Crystal and I getting our groove on

Although we had purchased our tickets earlier, we had to wait in a short line. Once in, we were frisked and then walked up to the main area. The dance floor is surrounded by a bar height table thing with stools. The floor was a pretty good size and during the opening act we got enough room to move around and not feel too closed in.

The crowd is getting into it

The sets were awesome. The first DJ did some really aggressive house but mostly trance. He interacted a bit with the crowd and played some familiar remixes like Eurythmics. It was fun. We had to park a couple block away but it was free so we walked and got there around 10:45: about an hour after the doors opened.

Gogo dancer is lookin' good

Benny Benassi started off immediately playing some of the songs he produced. It was a very aggressive mix of house music and the crowd grew thick almost immediately after he took the stage. I wasn’t expecting dancers but I suppose they were okay to look at.

Yep, that's him

This guy is a bit older than I expected. He is awesome to listen to, however, because his mix is so well orchestrated. There was only one build up section near the end that I was getting tired of but he ended with his club anthem “Satisfaction” or rather a strange mix of it. And, OMFG LOL WTF, he is using a Mac. Interesting. Finally an endorsement I can take interest in.

(counterclockwise) Me, Crystal, Reagan, and AJ

There was standing room only but we got to all dance together a number of times. It was not very warm as we expected. They kept the place well ventilated. It was nice to run into people we knew there like Reagan and AJ. We hung out together which made the entire occasion less confusing and intimidating.

Finally, I have uploaded a video of part of the experience in the last half of Benny’s performance. I used my dinky digital camera to take the pictures and a few videos. It was really loud so the sound is distorted. It was nice to go to the rear and be able to sit and relax when we wanted. This is my first YouTube upload and I think I like not having to host the video myself.

Crystal and Henry are taking a nap right now. We got home around four this morning. Crystal’s sister Candice watched Henry for us while we went dancing. It was nice to get out and do something fun.

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