Rain, Snow, Rain: Flood

So it has rained almost 13 inches in Bremerton in the last 48 hours. The main highway South out of Bremerton is closed off because of water over the roadway. I went to work today completely unaware of the roads. I mean, I knew it had rained a lot but I took the ferry so I was fairly sheltered from it all. When I got to work the parking lots were under at least a foot of water. The offices were closed so I went in, checked my e-mail and went home. I couldn’t drive around so I took the ferry. I had to cross massive puddles and flooded roads several times. There were a couple times I was worried I’d get stuck. Finally, I got home and warm. Fortunately we hadn’t purchased a home in a valley so we’re high and dry.

I’ve had my eye on the news. Our county declared a state of emergency. Five minutes down the freeway some bridge is washed out. As long as the power stays on, we’ll be okay. Our friends in Tahuya are completely cut off because all the roads out of the area are flooded. This is all a little scary. I can’t even imagine what folks are going through in places like Bothell.

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