Merry Christmas!

The family and I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

We spent ‘Eve at my parents’ house. There is this strange Polish-Catholic tradition they have to eat nothing but fish that day. Imagine eating gobs of uninspired and overcooked fish. Ugh. Anyway, we opened presents and then grandma gave Henry an Aplet thing-a-ma-jig. He ate it spitting out the walnuts and then maybe two minutes later: a rash. Then hives. Then he puked and started coughing. Then daddy (me) drove at ridiculously high speeds to the hospital. Half way there he started having trouble breathing. Crystal dials 911 and a firetruck meets us at Wild Waves.

The fresh air was good for him as the paramedics looked him over and his mucus subsided but we drove on to the hospital. That was the shortest ER visit ever. We had like six doctors running around us giving him Epinephrine, steroids, and a dose of Benadryl. Three hours later, at around 2300 hours, we left for home.

What a night to remember, huh? Anyway, Henry is fine now. He’s probably allergic to walnuts. Crystal was all shook up. I remained somewhat calm trying to be effective at leading our family through this ordeal but I admit that the idea of losing my son would be completely and utterly devastating.

We’re now at my mom-in-laws. I am cooking an eleven pound prime rib. I’ll post more about this later.

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