Music Production: Phase I

Some big changes are coming to our little family. With another baby on the way, we have to make some choices. It is easy to feel trapped sometimes. Unsure. I’m not sure where we are headed but I think the ride will be good. We need to move into a bigger house; 720 square feet isn’t cutting it. As Henry gets older and another child comes into view, I realize that this house wasn’t meant for a growing family.

Another thing that I realize is that we spend a huge amount of time and money commuting. Most of my co-workers live within thirty or so minutes. I think we’re going to put ourselves in a position to do the same. We will be making some tough choices and changes within the next few months. I’m not sure where we’ll land. It’s a terrible time to buy a house right now (predictions are being made about them dropping up to another 15%). It will make selling our pad hard too.

I am cautiously optimistic. We won’t be buying a house right away. For that we’ll wait a little while, pay somethings off, and save up a better down payment. I am looking forward to a shorter commute and having Crystal at home. I’m not looking forward to the faster pace on the West side of the Sound with traffic and all. It will sure be nice to have more family around us. All this hinges on our house actually selling. If it doesn’t sell (or rent) then we might be stuck where we’re at. At least with us out of the house we can fix the carpets and clean the place up to make it attractive.

In other news, though, a loosely defined phase one of my music project is complete. I finally got my reference monitors for my little home studio I am putting together. I think making tunes will be much easier.

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